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Local Eats

FOODIE ADVENTURES- Rulis’ International Kitchen, Cafe Piro, El Charlatan, Dom's Vegan, The Reagan, Star Burger, Taft Diaz, Hamachi Sushi, The Living Room, Taco Shop, Trattoria Bella Sera, Pelican's, Deadbeach Brewery, Tacoholics, Charcoaler, Joe Vinny & Bronsons, Garufas, Cafe Italia, Donuts & Bobba, Weirdoughs Bakery, Sweet Addition, Sunny`s Sushi, Westside Pizza, Coco Miel, The Sushi Garden, Sushi Zen Coronado, Shan Dong, St. Clair Winery & Bistro, Double Eagle, Pepper’s, Aqua Reef, Peter’s German Grill & Bakery, Bite of Belgium, Reeno's, Indulgence bakery, Ardivino’s, Cattleman’s, German Pub, Don Carbon, Pizza Joint, Chuco Snow, The Coffee Box, Tippi Teas, Wing Daddy's, Ripe, Rainbow Fountain Tortas, Papa Burger, Zino’s, Noodles and Dumplings, The Tap, Healthy Bite, Koze, Green Ingrediant, Lick It Up, Chicos Tacos, El Paso Wing Factory, Fowel Mouths, Toro Burger, Johnny Pit BBQ, Pilón Wine Market, Kaedama, Little Diner, Julios, Chuco Burger, Orange Cow, Kiki’s, L&J Cafe, Tacos Don Cuco, Saigon Taste, Tara Thai, Pot Au Feu, Pho Tre Bien, Korea House, Seoul Restaurant, Brown Bag Deli, Park Tavern, Mario’s Ribs, The Tap Room @ Whole Foods, Tropical Smoothie, House of Pizza, Saigon Taste, Morra Mia, Cafe Grill, The Tap, 150 Sunset, 2Ten Coffee, Indian Palace, The Chocolate Lady, Jakes Cafe, Bowie Bakery, Gussie's Bakery, Nour, Kangnam Style Sushi, House of Pizza, Comos Pizza, Forties, Avilas, Leo’s, Sabertooth Food Co., Super Churro Split, The Sandwich Shop, NoMi, Kee's Teriyaki Desert, Little Bavarian Restaurant, Tortas Nico, Desert Oak BBQ, Tony'd BBQ, Crazy Crab, Kung Fu Boba, Savage Goods, Salt & Honey, Flautas Tepalca, El Cometa, Rosa's Cantina, Lick It Up & Mona.

BURGER ADVENTURE- Charcoaler, Chuco Burger, Orange Cow, Rulis' International Kitchen, Papa Burger, Sparky’s, Jakes Cafe, Toro Burger, Friscos, Rosco's, Tacos Don Cuco, Star Burger & Zino’s

DESSERTS & SWEET BREAD ADVENTURE- Sweet Addiction, Arroz con Leche at Sunland Park Racetrack, Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz from The Chocolate Lady, Donuts and Bobba, Weirdoughs Bakery, Half Baked Cookie at Crave, Humble Donuts, the Nutter Butter at Bella Cora, & everything at Super Churro Split. Savage Goods, EE Baking Sweets, Blushing Buffalo, Bowie Bakery, Gussie's, Estrella Bakery, Valentine's Bakery, The Cake Boutique, AJ's Diner, Baked Bear, Menchies, 

PIZZA ADVENTURE- Westside Pizza Express,  Ardovino's, Casa Pizza, Dion’s, Luna Rossa, Coco Miel, Pizza Joint, Cafe Italia, Rulis’ International Kitchen, House Of Pizza, 

TACO ADVENTURE- Tacoholics, Taco Shop, Rulis' International Kitchen, Tacos Don Cuco, Rosas Cantina, Tacos Chinampa, The Tap, Avilas, Kiki;s, L & J Cafe, Lucy's, Little Shack, Little Diner, The Big Juan, Chicos Tacos, Elemi, Taconeta, Mona, The Reagan 

BRUNCH ADVENTURE- Ripe, Rulis' International Kitchen, Ardovino's Desert Crossing, Mora Mia, Bite Of Belgium, Indulgence Bakery, Mamacitas, The Reagan, The Living Room

Week Day Food Specials-

Monday- $5 Burgers at Basico

Tuesday- $5 Combos at Charcoaler, $5.99 Burgers at JVB's, $1 Tacos at Gilly's, $1 Tacos at Cash Bar, $5 Burgers at AJ's Diner, $2 Tacos at Mona, $1 Tacos at Aviators 

Wednesday- $5 Burgers at Toro Burger, $7 Burger at Sabertooth Food Co.,  25% off entire menu at The Living Room on select Wednesdays,  25% Pizza & Wine at 1/8th, 


Friday- $1 Tacos at 501 Bistro, $4 craft draft beer 

Saturday- Daily Specials at El Paso Wing Factory, Dewey's and Fowel Mouths, Mimosa specials at JVB

Sunday- 7 day a week lunch specials at Sushi Garden, 50% off Custard at Boss Chicken

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