My Language of Love… Food

Happy Sunday Funday y’all! Today I want to talk about the language of Love, at least for me, which is Food.

Food, can have me at hello if it’s done correctly. Valentine’s Day is next weekend and I am already getting a lot of requests to help plan that special day, but before we get to that, I want to do a quick recap of my Adventures the past 2 weeks. They were much too delicious not to mention.

Let us start from the beginning shall we? Within the last 2 weeks I’ve been to a lot of different restaurants and I have had an array of many types of foods, all local of course. I went to Zinos, which has the world’s best lamb burger. You might think I’m kidding but seriously, CNN voted Zino’s lamb burger best burger in the nation a couple of years back.

I checked out the new kitchen at Funkmeyers Rec Room and they are killing it over there. I loved everything I tried. From all of their wing flavors, to their sloppy Joe slidders, and their mac and cheese. Many of you know that Tacoholics has moved and they have their own stand alone restaurant. A huge congrats to Jessi and his crew over there. The hard work they have put in has definitely paid off.

Make sure to swing by their new place on Zaragosa and Vista Del Sol. Pssst… Tacoholics has the best elotes in town!

If you’re a fan of chicken then I have the spot for you. I’m usually a steak and potatoes kind of girl but every now and again I crave some chicken and let me tell you, Don Carbon is the spot!

They don’t play when it comes to their chicken. Whole chicken, pieces of chicken, or fajitas, let us just say there is no shortage of chicken. There is no fried chicken, only delicious roasted goodness. Mmmmmm, thinking about it makes my mouth water.

I went to the Punk Rock Flea Market this past weekend at 5 Points and I got my Pita hook up from a local vendor, Little Bit of Paradise. She makes her own Pita from scratch using local herbs. I highly recommend you check out her page and place your orders. She also makes fresh pasta, just sayin…, very hard to top.

While I was at the market I also had to have my ice cream fix from my local ice cream vendors, Ice Creamed Myself. This month’s soecial flavor is Dunkaroos! So freaking, amazingly good. Their ice cream is like nothing you have ever had.

I love the texture and their flavors are always so much fun and they taste amazing. I know they are coming out with an apple pie ice cream that sounds too good to be true. They also have a special ice cream sandwich coming out, but you’re gonna have to just taste them for yourselves.

They deliver and you can find them at local markets. Check out both of their businesses and Facebook pages for all their details.

I also hit up Joe Vinny and Bronsons this past Tuesday to catch the very talented Daniel Villasenor on piano.

While we were there I had humus and a lentil dish with rice. I’m not usually a lentil fan, I think that’s a food reserved for people over ther 60’s lol, but I must admit it is very good. It has this spice that really makes the dish.

My friend ordered the bacon cheese burger with avacado and I had to snag a bite of it to see if it tasted as good as it looked, Annnnd it did… better in fact. It’s the bread, I tell you!

My friends and I ordered their Golden Milk, Vanilla Chai, and hot cocoa. The golden Milk is one of my favorites. It is made with soy, only thing I will drink with that in it (yuk), and turmeric. It’s pretty good for you, at least that’s what I’m told, lol.

Last week I had to run a quick errand in Las Cruces, so I hit up a Mediterranean spot called Santorini. Their chicken shawarma sandwich was on point. The hummus was a little bland but all in all the food was great.

The best part of my eating Adventures the past 2 weeks was all the sushi I ate. I could seriously eat sushi for every meal if I could. I hit up Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount of course, it’s like my home away from home plus the staff is so wonderful there.
I also threw down at kangnam Style Sushi which is this new sushi spot with karaoke on Hawkins and Montana.

After that I also tried Sushi Garden, I had been hearing good things, so I wanted to see for myself. The food was very good and I was a fan of their miso. I’m happy we finally have a good sushi spot off the N. Mesa and Festival area.

Hands down Sunny’s will forever win my heart but Kangnam Style has QUICKLY turned into my #2 favorite local sushi place in town. Their food is amazing and so fresh.

Kangnam Style is a very cool place with great food, a full bar & happy hour prices. The entertainment rocks with their karaoke. Kangnam Style has main courses, sushi, & ramen so it’s not just sushi. They have something for everyone.

If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend you make it a point to go by soon. They will also be open Valentines day (usually closed Sunday’s ). Make sure to reserve your spots soon if you’re interested.

Some other places I got to check out the past couple weeks for some fun Adventures was Fab Lab El Paso. They are a local non profit that offers the community a space to do 3d printing.

You can take your designs and they help your design come to life. It’s a very cool space with awesome people running the shop. This is definitely something you’ll want to check out for yourself.

I was also able to make it out to TradeCraft this past Thursday night for their FREE coloring event. It was a packed house and I’m so happy I went to check it out. I’m really surprised more places don’t do events like this. My friends and I had had a blast and it was a great way to unwind from that crazy day at work.

Earlier tonight, I also checked out the beautiful new hotel that just opened downtown, Hotel Indigo. GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to stay there. Their rooftop pool is enough to make you want to move in. They also have a beautiful rooftop lounge that I know I will soon become a regular staple of downtown. Perfect for a staycation. They will be offering Valentine’s specials as well.

Now on to Valentine’s Day suggestions- Brunch club, Kangnam Style Sushi, Bogart’s, Bite of Belgium, Savoy De Mesilla, St. Clairs Winery and Bistro, Trattoria Bella Sera, Belle Sucre, The Chocolate Lady, Fudge-n-More, Glamour Sweets, Anson 11 Bistro (not fine dining), Billy Crews, Pelican’s, Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, or El Asador. I Painted That! Social Art Studio, The Fountain Theatre, hot water springs in T or C, Hiking, or Paint & Create Pottery.

If you have a certain direction you are looking for on Valentine’s Day, then message me and I will help create the perfect day for you and your love.

Whenever possible, Go Local! All these places I’ve listed above are totally Annie’s Adventures Approved! Tell them I sent ya 😉

-Annie’s Adventures

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